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About us

Our team consists of 4 people, located all around the world we are located in the Netherlands, South Africa, and Canada.

Our goal is to provide lightning quick access to all of the latest trending news articles in South Africa. Of course ALL of our content is written in our own words, and at times can represent the authors opinion on a topic. Please keep in mind opinions are just that, opinions. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. We mean do not mean to offend, but we will share our thoughts on what’s happening within South Africa.

Mission Statement

What does https://safrica.online (SAFO) do?

We provide lightning quick access to all of the freshest news stories & viral content coming straight out of South Africa.

How do we do it?

Put simply, we constantly scour the interwebs for all of the best & viral content so you don’t have to!

Why do we do it?

To provide you with free access to all of the best South African content, duh!

Contact SAFO

If you are interested in one of the items below, please email us.

  • Advertising on our site, or other legitimate business inquires.
  • Content Submission – We offer a 50% comission based split on all profits your article brings in. The articles must genuinely be 100% unique and will be thoroughly scanned through many different copy right checking tools. We reserve the right to decline ANY article.
Please don’t spam us, we really won’t respond to junk.

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